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Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of actual, working caricaturists gathered here for their annual convention… in the NEW new media capital of the world, St. Petersburg, Florida!

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Order 'Even More Old Jewish Comedians' by Drew Friedman by clicking the book cover above!

Drew Friedman is BETTER than Picasso!

So says Howard Stern, and who is Mr. Media to argue with the King of All Media?

Drew is the king of modern caricaturists. His work has been featured on almost every major American magazine, from The New York Times and MAD to Entertainment Weekly and Field & Stream.

Drew Friedman interview with Mr.Media, Bob Andelman

You can LISTEN to this interview with artist DREW FRIEDMAN, author of EVEN MORE OLD JEWISH COMEDIANS, by clicking the audio player above!

In recent years, he has turned much of his attention capturing a generation of sometimes unheralded entertainers: Old Jewish Comedians. In fact, it’s become virtually a brand for Drew, starting with his first collection, Old Jewish Comedians, then his second, More Old Jewish Comedians, and now his third, Even More Old Jewish Comedians.

Who knew there were so many Old Jewish Comedians? Is there any chance he’s making some of these people up as he goes? Who knows? Who cares – it’s funny and the artwork is impeccable.

Drew Friedman drew this R. Crumb sketch @ the International Society of Caricature Artists 2011 annual convention. (c) 2011 by Drew Friedman. All Rights Reserved.

Drew has been on Mr. Media before and he recently connected me with his father, legendary humorist and novelist Bruce Jay Friedman. And the family act continues next April with a reprint of Drew’s first book of comics from the pages of Raw magazine – co-authored with his brother, Josh Alan Friedman.

Today we’re meeting in person at the TradeWinds Resort in beautiful St. Pete Beach, Florida, where Drew is the keynote speaker at the International Society of Caricature Artists annual convention. We’ll use that as an excuse to talk about craft.

Drew Friedman drew this sketch of Mr. Media, Bob Andelman, @ the International Society of Caricature Artists 2011 annual convention. (c) 2011 by Drew Friedman. All Rights Reserved.

A very special feature of the video of this interview is a 17-minute, over-the-shoulder demonstration of Drew Friedman’s caricature technique, as he draws me and then a real celebrity, Robert Crumb. Don’t miss it!

Drew Friedman Blog • Art Prints For Sale • Order Even More Old Jewish Comedians by Drew Friedman

DREW FRIEDMAN audio excerpt: “Howard Stern — the uglier, more disgusting I draw him, the more he likes me.” 

Bob Andelman is the author or co-author of 12 books, including Mind Over Business with Ken Baum, The Consulate with Thomas R. Stutler, The Profiler with Pat Brown, Built From Scratch with the founders of The Home Depot, The Profit Zone with Adrian Slywotzky, Mean Business with Albert J. Dunlap, and Will Eisner: A Spirited Life. Click here to see Bob Andelman’s Amazon Central author page. He is a member in good standing of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (member page).


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