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Halloween Home made haunted house from October 2011. Some friends and I put up this haunted house in his garage that continued into his basement. He has single car garage thats about 35' x 10'. Everyone enjoyed it and thought it was actually scary. Unfortunately, the best scares weren't bright enough to be seen on camera. The Friday The 13th Jason Voohries Mask Room was incredible. The masks all glowed, but weren't picked up, and the final room was where the Werewolf made his 2nd scare. Over all, it was an awesome time, and took about 16hrs to put up, but at least 2 months of planning. Yes, I know this video is a month late, but hey, better late than never. We Used: 9 Rolls of 10x25ft Sheeting 34 Jason Masks Florescent Spray Paint Fog Machine Giant Spider Pool Noodles Chains Plastic Chains Fake Heads Severed Body Parts 24 Skulls Camoflauge Netting Gravestones Bones Skeleton Texas Chainsaw Music Leather Face Mask Scarecrow Mask Wolf Make-up Black Lights Colored Bulbs Power Saw Glow In The Dark Paint Spider Webs Fake Blood Strobe Lights Air Compressor Latest Michael Warbux Quick News Update Latest Michael Warbux Show Latest Michael Warbux Vlog BLOOPERS! ----------------- My Website: News That Caught My Attention My Quick News Channel: My Vlog Channel: My Skit Channel: Google+: Twitter: Facebook: www ...