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Riot has already released a video promo of this, so this should only serve to show a few more voice files for those who've watched it. Here's a link to Riot's official video: (Oddly, more than a third of their video is at the end and has nothing to do w/ the content of the video) --------- Play League of Legends (it's free!): --------- I aim to provide skin videos for all new skins that are released while I am actively playing League of Legends, including limited edition skins. These will usually be posted within 8-12 hours of release, though specific exceptions may apply when I'm either unavailable or the servers are having issues. Remember to check out my channel when you're considering purchasing new skins! --------- I've written a book! Want to learn tons about tanking and the math and theory behind it? The concepts apply to both MMORPG and MOBA games. Learn more here: ---------