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You interrupted me practicing my “flailing starfish” or as its now called, the Nelson Cruz.  The Texas Rangers are up two runs in the bottom of the ninth in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series and one strike away from a championship.  Texas Rangers Outfielder Nelson Cruz gingerly goes back on a line drive, like its a can of corn.  Than realizes he wasn’t running hard enough, so in true 3rd grade fashion, he throws all of his limbs in the air to look like he was trying hard all along.

Nelson Cruz just better hope that Texas Rangers President Nolan Ryan doesn’t Robin Ventura him when they get back to Texas.

My heart truly goes out to the Texas Rangers and their fans, to be so close to a championship is just heartbreaking.  I always especially feel bad for the losing players in a championship game and the fact they have to give interviews talking about their defeat.

Wait, what is going on with the reporter with the oversized tongue?

The NBA officially announced that the games in the month of November have been cancelled.  Good!  I’m starting the #OccupyNBA movement.  I’m of the 99% of people that don’t care about the NBA.  Seriously, the best thing that could happen to the NBA would be to cut the season down to 30 games.  Make every team play each other once and lets go to the playoffs.

Tennessee Titans Running Back Chris Johnson tweeted his fans yesterday; “Ain’t nobody done u nuttin but u a killa now”  Great, not only did you ruin my fantasy football team this year, but you also ruined the English language.

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