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Ok...I will be gone for a while. I start production on "Static" today and then going on a much needed vacation in Dec. To be completely clear, leaving was all about me...not any haters. I have dealt with many others and much much worse over the years and it is no problem...but when you get to the point where you can't take it anymore you have to take a break. It just makes me sad that the venom comes from our own backyard most of the time. When we play our first playoff game this year...I'll be there. But I'm really going to enjoy the first sunday in 4 years that I can actually enjoy the game without having to justify my happiness or anger afterwards. But as I said earlier...I built this channel for you...and it belongs to you. So once I finish my other responsibilities....I'll figure out how to be back here in some capacity. Holler at me at (when I'm there) Or facebook.(I'll try to get there more.)