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Art or Porn? Part of the presentation "Psyche Pellucida: See-through Beings in a Transparent Society" for the Transcultural Tendencies | Transmedial Transactions Conference, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University , China. In David Brin's book 'The Transparent Society' he describes two possible states in which cameras and surveillance technology are ubiquitous. Though neither of these societies is yet realized, the willing participation of millions of citizens in Social Video Networking through Youtube and similar sites has begun to reveal both the contours of that society and the psychology of it inhabitants. With this revelation, new contours are beginning to be described between categories of experience and categories of social distinction. The first transparent society is the classic police state familiar from 1984. It is a society in which the images from the omnipresent cameras are fed to a central command and control centre, where the watchdogs of the state keep their eye on its citizens. The second transparent society has as many cameras as the first, more in fact, but the output of these cameras is not sent to police headquarters but is sent directly into the public realm, available to anyone with an internet connection. In fact, in this second society the cameras can also be found in the offices, cells, and interrogation rooms of the security services. They are in the boardrooms of industry and the corridors of government. This ...