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what is this ufos objects over the trees one stops its gen night vision may all your new year fill with magic peace and and good health. a film you might like Firewall, a new film on how to protect yourself from a unseen threat . Your brain has no protection as it has no firewall, what a great name for a film, look at this you could do a video on how to protect yourself From the evil force Tony Topping talks about in his films (how to protect yourself from those evil force ) your brain dose not have a fire wall , to filter all the attacks out . what a great title for a film ? Part 2 of interview which is all about my CE5 encounters. Hope you Tony Topping His Life & UFO Encounters & Harassment Plus CE5 Part 2 My films below what are these bright objects with no sound above me please why do choppers come and fly over the same place the objects were ? thanks for your important time please could you tell me its important what are they? look as it was in the distance then closer over the tree i was standing under fast forward to see the tree and ufos at 0:22 mins into this clip this is the whole complete film in low res this is a better res film hear on this link better detail more hear Like · · Share · 55 minutes ago THE MALTA CONNECTION NIGHT VISION GEN 3 FILM this film is from outside my malta hotel room these next films are from uk below...See more ufos at 35000 feet over malta ...