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Hey kids! Do you like the internet? Do you want to know what the biggest threat to it is today? It's the "Stop Online Piracy Act" -SOPA. Here's the bullshit being perpetuated by radio station 3AW about a guy claiming he was told he had to take off his remembrance day poppy on November 11th. Just read the comments to see the layers of barely concealed (or not concealed at all) bigotry from morons who can't wait to pile on about how it's not "our" country any more - "they" are taking it away. Morons. And finally, Woman Utters Line Never Previously Recorded In A Police Report- "Somebody is going to eat my pussy or I'm going to cut your fucking throat." Myother channels: Less Angry Aussie Mistress M Code Grey My shirts on RedBubble There's a really cheap shirt here that's still pretty good quality (and you can customise it!) And here are the CafePress shops: This is my BlogTV channel: Stalk me on Twitter! Friend me on FaceBook Read my blog! Send me hate mail! GPO Box 3290 Melbourne 3001 Australia