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Watch TVD Mid-Season Premiere Preview - - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Joslyn Davis in Hollywood coming to with TVD scoop on ClevverTV. Last night's mid-season finale for the Vampire Diaries served up some serious drama, and of course it ended with a cliff-hanger unlike any other. After spending the entire first portion of the season trying to find a way to get Stefan back and kill Klaus, the entire plan fell apart in the last few minutes of the Homecoming episode. Stefan gets his humanity back but now he's dead set on something we've never really seen him crave before and that's revenge. Klaus still has his freedom and what he really wants is to reunite his family by letting them out of their caskets. But when he goes to look for his loved ones, he realizes that Stefan has stolen all of them. And based on the teaser we're seeing for the next episode that's set to air, Klaus plans to take every single person in Mystic Falls down, in order to gain leverage to use against Stefan. And it looks like Jeremy could be in some serious trouble. The trailer shows Jeremy standing in front of a moving car. Will he, or anyone else for that matter, make it out alive? Well, I guess we're going to wait almost two months to find out! The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW with it's mid-season premiere on January 5th. IF you had to take a guess at which character is in some serious trouble, what would you say? Is it Jeremy or someone elsle? Let us know in the ...