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or Facebook Twitter: Our friends at Rockin' Green Soap are back with 3 brand new products: Melody: An odor neutralizer and air freshener room spray. What do you want your shoes, pillows, clothes and other stuff to smell like? Something terrible or watermelons, orchids, lavender mint and other fun scents? Melody is made from safe, phosphate-free ingredients and contains no fillers or enzymes, ensuring that it's good for the planet and safe for use on all fabrics. Groupies: Potato Dryer Balls. Yep, it's exactly what you think. Dryer balls made using natural materials, such as reclaimed potato starch. Groupies are meant to cut down dryer time and eliminate repeated waste (dryer sheets). Doghouse Rock: It's detergent for the dogs! Rockin' Green Soap created a clean rinsing detergent that could be used on chew toys and bedding without the worry of residue or toxic chemicals. Our pups need to be clean too! Along with the brand new products, Rockin' Green Soap still sells their phosphate free and enzyme free laundry detergent. Their detergents are safe for the environment and leave laundry looking and smelling great. With multiple scents to choose from and multiple water types to be taken care of, Rockin' Green Soap is an easy and affordable choice. You can also try a Rockin' Green Soak on your clean towels or linens. Fill up your washing machine with hot water and 3 tbs of Rockin' Green and let it soak for 60 minutes or longer. You will ...