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"We are nothing, pretending to be something ... " ... the lyric from "Plankton", performed by Here II Here, at Byron Katie's "The School For The Work" in March 2010. Studio version ~ iTunes ~ Thanks to Byron Katie and her Staff, notably Stan Kurtz for recording and editing the video. Thanks to Erich Hentsel for the crazy cool opening title sequence. (song playing, studio version of "Plankton") ~ LYRICS PLANKTON © 2002, Here II Here Planets are just plankton Floating in a sea of Omni-present mystery Those who claim to know it Rarely ever show it They are just as lost as you and me Pre-chorus: Doctors, lawyers, politicians and professors Modern science, the oppressed and the Oppressors Religious leaders, the gurus and the shamans Everybody has one thing in common Chorus: We are nothing pretending to be something We are nothing pretending to be something With the birth of language Names give false protection We are pathological Every war is with ourselves We are family on a cell Spinning through the veins of the unknown Pre-chorus Chorus repeat