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Trailer for MONITOR - view the film here: For those who don't know about monitor: Monitor is the story of a young single mother, Karen, who moves into a new house in the suburbs after a bad relationship with her newborn child's father. One night, Karen hears something on her child's baby monitor. A radio frequency is going in and out. She listens closer, and believes that what she hears is an actual murder. Not knowing what to do or who to tell, she waits. Listening for more clues, Karen concludes that the killer might be closer than she thought. Karen has to keep her and her baby safe. Going through the twists and turns of her life, will Karen find out who the murderer is? If there even is one... The film was shot on two 60Ds over the course of 7 days. We raised all of the money through freelance work, donations, or sponsors. Some of our sponsors included Kessler Crane, Cobra Crane, Red Giant, D|Focus, Beachtek, K-Tek, and Handy SLR. We're trying to get a huge response from this trailer and would greatly appreciate any help! Starring Anne DeAcetis as Karen. To learn more about 64 Bit Films be sure to check out these sites:​​filmtandt​monitorthemovie Thanks again for checking out our new trailer!