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CycoCYCLE Review: Wins DadLabs Seal of Approval. It's not a tricycle. It's not a unicycle. It's a Cyco Cyle, and we're putting it to the test in the DadLabs.This unique wheeled and pedal driven riding toy is the invention of the brothers Scott and Kurt Comstock. We interview them to find out what inspired them to make such and unusual and fun toy. Then we turn some kids loose on the Cyco Cycle to try it out. This fun bike-like hybrid is fun for stunts, riding two up and generally goofing around. Kids are drawn to the CycoCycle and find creative ways to use it. This really extends the life of this toy. We love that encourages kids to be outside, getting exercise, and also encourages them to be creative and adventuresome. Dads can ride double with their kids on the CycoCycle and that is double awesome. Thats why we awarded the CycoCYCLE the DadLabs sea of approval.Episode 821 is brought to you by BabyBjorn.