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Logan concludes his journey into the fray of the bring your own PC section of the USS Hornet at the NVIDIA Geforce LAN 6 with one hell of a case mod. The Tron Light Cycle case built by Brian Carter has been turning heads all weekend, and it is quite the specimen. Brian drew up the design and laser cut everything from the case to the bezel of his monitor to be fully customized as a Light Cycle. The case itself holds a EVGA X58 motherboard with 2 GTX 580's in SLI and was designed around a full ATX case to be shaped as a bike. A curved water cooling system adds to the list of customized parts as well as a hidden power supply and SSD array. All in all it was the team's pick for best case in show as well as NVIDIA's if we heard correctly, so hope you guys and gals enjoyed these Custom Case Mod videos.