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Technology in Support of Graceful Aging Ronald Baecker Professor, University of Toronto November 4, 2011 Abstract The percentage of senior citizens worldwide continues to grow. In response to this demographic, our research aims to envision, prototype, design, build, evaluate, and sometimes commercialize powerful and flexible electronic aids to support graceful aging. Unlike technology for seniors that is designed for remote monitoring, problem detection, and intelligent assistance, our aim is to empower older adults and their families to help themselves. TAGlab conducts "research for the journey through life." We choose projects that respond to human needs as characterized by Abraham Maslow. Maslow speaks of the following levels of needs: physiological, safety, love/ belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Our work is primarily at the top three levels. We shall begin at top-level by reporting on projects that employ multimedia and other lifelogging technologies to help individuals with Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment be better able to remember and reminisce about experiences over a lifetime or about recent events and activities. Other projects seek to enhance seniors' autonomy and esteem. MyVoice, recently launched as a company, is a context-aware mobile app that aids individuals with aphasia and children with learning challenges to recall words and to speak. Tangra, a response to the wave of interest in brain fitness games and exercises, acilitates ...