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Sponsor: - Ron Paul TSA acquiescence un-American. Texas Straight Talk for October 24, 2011. Some of the video in this clip is probably available for you to use commercially. Basically any part of the clip that has the super at the bottom. All such segments are public domain. How to buy an advert: Images and/or info from ron paul transportation security administration tsa new hampshire homeland security. free state project gate gropers live free or die gate rape dave ridley report. unamerican, texas straight talk illustrated. ridleyreport. terrorism shoe bomber underwear. liberty. attacks at the airport screeners against children staters groped nh enhanced pat-down naked body scanners backscatter radiation on the streets checkpoints roadblocks random sweeps libertarian news 10.24.2011 tennessee tn nashville searches fourth amendments. ron paul tsa checkpoints roads highways naked body scanners pat-downs homeland security airports free state project. janet napolitano NH liberty update Do you want to be the media? A relatively impressive "New Hampshire citizen newspaper" is possibly about to close down for lack of administrators. Maybe you can help them and free expression at the same time. The paper's called "The Forum," and is one of my sources for breaking news. Click link below, if available, or see video descrip for details. Occupy New Hampshirites to descend on Bank of America? NH liberty update ...