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Video shows a huge extinct volcano and Its caldera, the bowl shaped center. It is around 16 miles across. Also, the volcanic core or dyke is shown in the center (hardened lava). Shows Ash and cinder cone. - Lava cones.Located in the Davis Mountains of Texas and called the Paradise Mountain Caldera. These are volcanic mountains composed of volcanic rocks. The Davis Mountains are in southwestern Texas near Big Bend, Mexico, the Rio Grande River, and Marfa. The landscape is volcanic.The area is near the McDonald Observatory and over 6000 feet in altitude. The house is built on the volcano's rim. It was very inexpensive for such a well-built house and cost around $ 87,000. It was built by a builder, who built a portion of the structure of the McDonald Observatory.The historic town of Marfa can be viewed from the Davis Mountains and the Caldera rim. Its towers and courthouse can be seen in the video.Marfa contains a beautiful, big courthouse as its dominant landmark. A number of movies have been made in the scenic area, such as No Country for Old Men and There will be blood. The classic 1956 Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, and Rock Hudson movie "Giant" was filmed here.It was built in 1886 in Presidio County, which helped Marfa remain the Presidio County seat. Unlike many small Texas towns, Marfa's central area is dotted with art galleries and fine restaurants. Mercedes-Benz SUVs can be found along the old pickup trucks of ranch hands.The Marfa airport is nearby, where there are glider rides.Video shows the Marfa Lights, a tour of the historic town of Marfa, and the Marfa Lights viewing center. It includes information about viewing the lights and visitor's comments.The lights are mysterious and unexplained (but what tourists generally view are traffic lights). Some think they are UFOs, aliens, St. Elmos fire, electrostatic discharges, swamp gas (no swamp), ghosts, or the spirits conquistadores.