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Watch TVD 'Ghost World' Clip - - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Uncle Mason is back on the CW's The Vampire Diaries, and CLevverTV has the breakdown on how and why this could be going down. I'm Joslyn Davis at our Hollywood headquarters with the latest out of Mystic Falls -- aka the town where when you die, you can always come back to life...Or, at least that's what it seems these days. First it was Vicki and Anna and now, in a huge and very shocking twist, Uncle Mason has returned, and he definitely has it out for his killer, who in case you missed it, was Damon. IN a new clip making the rounds, we see Damon chatting with Caroline and Bonnie, and he basically tells Bonnie that since she's messed with the natural order of things, Mason Lockwood has somehow come back to life. To make matters worse, Mason can also make physical contact with the living, and Damon says that Mason chains him to a chair and shoves a hot poker in his chest. In Damon's words, when he kills someone they're supposed to stay dead. Then he tells Bonnie to fix it. There you have it -- Mason Lockwood's ghost is making a return and at this time it seems as though his primary goal is revenge. If you want to check out the brand new clip we're talking about and see a ton of photos from "Ghost World," which will air this week, click the link and head over to I'm Joslyn Davis reminding you to follow @ClevverTV on twitter for on-going scoop on all things TVD. Thanks ...