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Be sure to subscribe for more songs & funny vids year, we're not gonna stand for lame candy. Trick or Treat or die!Make sure not to miss future B-SIDES! Subscribehere: more Halloween in Break's top 16 pranks and scares stomp Zombies on the go? Check out this gameplay video on Zombie Parkour Runner for your iPhone: get the app directly: us on Facebook! us on Twitter @breakcomCostumes provided by: Halloween Express http://www.halloweenexpress.comGet the song here:' SUGAR HIGH (HALLOWEEN SONG)I don't mess around once this mask's on my faceHit every house in town. Fill up my pillow caseOld lady hands me raisins? She's such an old foolThis is Halloween, lady, it ain't a whole foods!We wanna butterfinger, or some reeses cupsNobody wants to lay a finger on real peanutsGimme me an apple, you're just asking for painDon't even open that door unless your candy's brand nameWe don't want no black licoriceCause I'm a sweet scuba diver catching Swedish fishWe wanna Star Burst, gettin' sugar high, getting sugar higheatin' all the candy, trick or treat 'til we dieMounds, Skittles, Twizzlers are the treats that I seeI'm the Derek Rose of Halloween, the candy MVPDon't give loose candy corn you pour out with your handI want some Nestle chocolate with that ill crunch, manthere's more houses to hit, but I need a fixbreak out my stash and snort our pixie stixkeep that sugar high going, so we pop mad Smartieseating candy's how we party we can't drink no BacardiWe don't want no apples or fruitCause I'm a Hershey pirate with my chocolately lootGimme a Three musketeers, gettin' sugar high, gettin' sugar higheatin' all the candy, trick or treat 'til we dieAt the end of the night, I'm sick of treats that I hateWhen it comes to revenge I'm like Snickers: why waitI'm like a toilet paper ninja - you'll never gonna find meSo many smashing pumpkins that you'll think it's the 90'sDump out my bag and I start countin' the piecesE.T. would proud of how I'm poundin' these ReesesM & Ms, Milky Way, you know that I'm gonna eat theseStuff my face all night until l get diabetesWe don't want no weird wax lipsCause I'm a caramel ghost in a Caramello cryptMilk dud stud, gettin' sugar high, gettin' sugar higheatin' all the candy, trick or treat til we die