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or - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! What's going on TVD fans. I'm Joslyn Davis and you're watching ClevverTV with your rewind on what when down on last night's episode of the Vampire Diaries, which proved once again that nothing is ever out of question on this show. Before we get to the biggest shocker of all, let's just break-down the basics from this episode which was called "Smells Like Teen Spirit." The whole crew, including Stefan and even Rebecca, head back to high school for their senior year, and of course there's drama with Stefan and Elena -- he actually refers to her as a human blood bag. He clearly has no interest in her whatsoever, aside from protecting her. Rebecca is stirring up some major drama, with her relationship with Tyler, which has Caroline openly jealous. Also, we learn that Tyler's allegiance to Klaus is a result of him being sired -- as in, he's loyal to the blood that brought him to life. We're guessing that this situation will intensify in the next few episodes. As far as Damon is concerned, I have to say that he's become the good guy this season, and his love for Elena is more obvious with every single episode, and she seems more and more open to it, as well. Now here are the shockers -- remember the ghosts -- Anna and Vicki? Yeah, well, Vicki instructs her brother Matt on how to bring her back to life, which he does successfully. Then he learns that her intensions are catastrophic. She wants to kill Elena because she thinks ...