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TVD "Ghost World" Photos - TVD Season 3 Predictions - - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hello friends, I'm Joslyn Davis coming to you from the ClevverTV headquarters in Hollywood with scoop on next week's episode of the CW's blood-sucking hit show The Vampire Diaries. Now we know that this week's episode "Smells Like Teen Spirit" hasn't even aired yet, but we're guessing these new photos for next week's show titled "Ghost World" won't ruin any upcoming surprises. As the name for this particular ep would suggest, the ghosts are set to play a big role and as the pictures reveal, Anna will be back in a big way. We're taking a look at three new photos featuring Anna and Jeremy in what looks to be a very serious discussion. So far we don't have many details about this interaction, but we do hear that Elena will convince Jeremy to use his new supernatural powers to find a new way to reach out to Stefan, and this interaction will reportedly lead Jeremy to make a terrible choice. In ghost-driven scoop, we've also learned that Damon will have a violent encounter with an angry spirit, and he'll be calling upon Bonnie to help him figure out how the spirit has so much power. Are you guys looking forward to seeing Anna and Jeremy together again? Do you think they're more likely to have a connection or is the Vicki-Jeremy relationship stronger? Give us your thoughts and predictions and don't forget to check out our exclusive chat with TV Guide ...