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In this video interview, Internet marketing pioneer John Marshall explains how to write more effective text ad copy for your Google AdWords PPC campaigns. The problem, says Marshall, is that the business owner is usually too close to their business to write good ad copy. Too often, business owners over-estimate how well they understand the search intent of their potential customers. The reason writing text ads is that, since there are so few words, each word has such a great impact. What's more, the quality of your ads is compared to the quality of all the other ads on the page. While the quality of ad copy keeps improving, some companies are still using the ad copy they were using five years ago. Improvement might be considered at three different levels. 1. Get someone outside your company to review your ads. Does the intent of the user match what you're selling? Does the 'scent' follow through? This could be a relative who asks questions, who isn't so close to the business that they assume what you assume. 2. Get a usability company to review your ads. They look for clarity of language, etc. This might cost $100 to $200. 3. Employ an ad optimization company. They generate variations suggested by their staff of ad copywriters - who compete to win with the best performing ad. The writer of the best ad earns a bonus, though you pay a fixed price for the service. One example of this is - like, but for ad copy. John Marshall is one of the founders ...