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In this video interview PPC pioneer and expert Andrew Goodman explores some of the pay-per-click problems that result from a site redesign. PPC campaigns aren't stand-alone, but have a relationship with your website, especially the landing pages they're pointed to. There are some typical problems that can result from a site redesign. For example, sometimes all the site URLs are changed, so remember to change the destination URLs in your PPC campaigns. But when you set new destination URLs, Google doesn't see that as just a tweak, but as a new ad, resetting the Quality Score, since you lost all your previous history for a few weeks. This could cost you Suggestions: Don't do a site redesign too close to the holidays. Don't panic. And consider some ads to URLs that won't change or to your homepage. This way you can observe if your volume remains relatively the same on some ads, even though the new ads will show lower performance for a while. Andrew Goodman is the founder and president of Page Zero Media, which manages paid search and display ad campaigns, and does landing page optimization for clients with a monthly ad spend of $5000 and up. This video interview was recorded on August 16, 2011 at the SES Conference in San Francisco.