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In this video interview, SEO industry leader Bruce Clay discusses where organic search has been and where he sees it going. Since 1996, says Clay, we've seen SEO (with PPC) as the cornerstore on Internet marketing. Then we saw analytics and social media layered on. Then came an emphasis on conversion and website re-architecture. Now SEO is more a piece of an industry. The skills needed are common across SEO, PPC, social, analytics, etc. much more now than before. We're seeing an integration of a number of Internet marketing disciplines now. A few years from now we're going to see a resurrgence of text marketing, says Bruce. He sees Facebook marketing spliting into the organic side (which is primarily social) and the PPC side of Facebook. Google Plus is totally changing the way we relate to colleagues and friends. For a small business to plug into Internet marketing, says Clay, you need to start with an analysis and understand your business purpose. It all depends on your type of business. For a local business, for example, you want feet in the door, people to pick up the phone, etc. Small businesses often take marketing a step at a time. Training can help you see the big picture so you pick what you need and get a jump-start. Small businesses, says Clay, don't have any easy way to get an integrated package of what they need. Nor do they have a good understanding of how labor intensive it can be to get a strong presence on the Internet. Bruce Clay is the founder of Bruce ...