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You certainly know that in 1977 Roman Polanski was arrested. Why? I'm sure you'll tell me: "He raped a 13-year-old girl!" and you'll be a complete fool. Now, guys, let's open our eyes! We must not be a victim of mass media. All you know is that stupid statement about the rape. And why don't you read the real documents? The medical report?This video contains the FACTS. The DOCUMENTS. The TRUTH.Please, if you don't want to be ridiculous, if you don't want to be deceived, pay attention to this video and to this blog where you can find the truth about that case.And remember: Roman Polanski is NOT a pedofhile and he did NOT rape Samantha Geimer (Gailey).Thank you.Songs: OST "Rosemary's baby; OST "The Tenant"