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Olaf is my personal favorite champion. I don't play him as much as I'd like, as I prefer to go into games and choose a champion that complements what other players have chosen, and this usually means a ranged carry or a tank. (Well, I don't play him as much now due to the DF series). He's an amazing troll champion because he takes virtually no risk of being trapped if his ultimate is available, and that's why I frequently have videos of stupid Olaf tricks on this channel. In my opinion, his primary weakness is that he is difficult to play effectively due to his Undertow. Missing or consistently overshoot targets will cost you kills, where other champions don't require as much. Also, while he is a relatively strong ganker and can be decent in the early game, he has a weak mid-game depending on his build and how much the other team cares about locking him down. He does have a strong lategame, though, when games get to that point. As far as DF, I've got a short list of requests. It hasn't been requested much but I'm interested in Nocturne, so I don't know where I'll squeeze him in. I'm going to perhaps do Lee Sin or Shaco next weekend since they look like they'll take longer to become proficient at than most champions. But for now, Tryndamere, Leblanc, and Jax are on my short list, as well as a few others, and we'll see what this week's free champion rotation brings. --------- Play League of Legends (it's free!): --------- Help people learn about ...