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I bought Dons money making package years ago and found his kit had some really great info in it that I still cherish today, I can truthfully say I'm still glad I bought it! Sure, it was over the top hard selling the American dream, but even though we had dreams that didn't work out, we're still glad we had them anyway.Ask yourself one simple question, If you were Don Lapre would you be stupid enough to break the law when you knew very well that the law dogs that be are just waiting to nab anybody of high profile in the entertainment business? Give me a break, I bought his money making package years ago and knew this guy was real smart to say the least and I used every bit of his info and can say I got my moneys worth year after year. So if you want to blame anyone blame his lawyers & advisors. What's really sad is all the people that have made nasty comments like I hope Don Lapre goes to jail etc, etc. Shoot first then ask questions latter right?The truth is people will always be jealous and resentful of anyone who is well off or in the entertainment business. How you treat others is an indication of how you really feel about yourself!Anyone can see Don Lapre did not just set out to just rip people off, he just got way to confident and believed everything he did was great, and the truth is it wasn't. Example The World's Greatest Vitamin" A ten year old could think of a better name :) Who knows maybe he got the idea from his kids :)I hate knocking people as that's not in my nature as I love to lift people up instead, but in this case you have to.Change peoples hearts and you can change the world!Whether your someone of faith or just someone who just takes a moment out of there busy life just to wish the best for someone who is hurting, its an unselfish caring act of kindness, who knows you may just need help one day.Father Giuseppe's Radio Call-in ShowNeed advice? Get your questions answered on the show Please note....Father Giuseppe is not a real priest. He just thinks he is :) :) Contact us for permission to air our daily shows on your radio station and also about Father Giuseppe's Puppet Time Theatre with all his puppetfriends like Flip The Bird, Pussarelli The Cat, Sister Benigna The Flying Nun & more! Having a birthday party or special event? Web cam puppet shows now available.Visit our You Tube channel for more wacky videos LOL're invited to our web site at us on Facebook ~ MySpace ~ ITunes ~ Ustream ~ ReverbNation ~YouTube. You can also follow the mis-adventures of Father Giuseppe in Malibu on Twitter LOL