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or -- Courage and Dedication Combined The Search Dog Foundation and the Bay Area Recovery Canines. Episode: 1758, Air Date: 8 July 2011. Search-and-rescue dogs serve on the frontlines locating people missing after natural disasters, lost children, injured hikers and others, being ready at a moment's notice to bravely endure the elements and save lives. Supreme Master Ching Hai, world renowned humanitarian, artist and spiritual teacher, speaks of her admiration and concern for these devoted canines. And I saw many dogs, you know, they used for rescue mission. Oh, they just walk in like nothing, but I feel so bad about them. The dogs walk in the sharp, broken glasses or anything like that, even chemical leaking or anything, or germs or danger. And these are precious dogs. They have been trained for years. And they even lay down their life for anyone at command. You have to protect that dog. To show Her loving support for search dogs and their human partners, Supreme Master Ching Hai has generously contributed over US0,000 to search-and-rescue teams in 18 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Panama, the Philippines, Slovenia, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. Today's program features two of these courageous groups: the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (Search Dog Foundation) in Ojai, California, USA and the Bay Area Recovery Canines (BARC) in ...