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Gears of War 3 Easter Eggs Playlist: is an instructional video on how to find the Dancing Wretch easter egg in the multiplayer map Checkout from Gears of War 3.Step 1: Activate the fire alarms. There are three fire alarms located in the map, with two of them being located right at both spawn points. All you have to do is activate one of them, and another one will be set on fire.Step 2: Get the fire extinguisherHead over to the electronics department and you'll find a door that has now been cracked open. Destroy the box to find the fire extinguisher.Step 3: Extinguish the fire alarmLocate the fire alarm that has been set on fire and use the fire extinguisher on it to put it out. In our run, the burning fire alarm was located in the pharmacy.Step 4: Extinguish the HatAfter putting out the fire on the alarm, a shopping car will roll by the window with a hat inside. Use the fire extinguisher on the hat to cause an explosion of smoke.Step 5: Find the hatNow head to over to the checkout area and look for this window. Wait there for a bit and eventually you'll see a hat pop up. Shoot the hat with your buddy until it explodes.Step 6: Extinguish the TruckNext, head inside the checkout area. Note the scythe being held by the mannequin to the left. When you use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames on the truck, the scythe will disappear and the door to the left will blow open.Step 7: Find the scytheHead over to the bathroom now to the right of this "Massive Price Meltdown Sign" Inside you'll find the scythe lodged in the ceiling. Shoot it until it recedes back into the ceiling.Step 8: Extinguish the TelevisionFinally, head over to the electronics department once again and extinguish the television that's on fire.Step 9: Enjoy the showNow head over to the door where you found the fire extinguisher and wait for the smoke to clear. Note that if for whatever reason you lose your fire extinguisher along the way, you'll be able to find it here again.And there you have it, one dancing wretch.