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Sponsor: - Checkpoint opponents see changes in Manchester's security regimen. A note regarding "the other side of the story." I'd prefer to call police, question them and record the entire interaction on tape when they are accused. But the wiretap law - which their chiefs so ardently defend - has a chilling effect on such calls. So I generally choose to practice overobedience - and decline to call for their opinions. In this sense, their bad law saves me time and costs them the chance to present their views. Note that some Ridley vids are now appearing without ads.... Find them at win win party ron paul checkpoints new hampshire manchester free state project. dui arrests driving under the influence while intoxicated. dave ridley report cops police staters traffic stopps pulled over pullover stops ridleyreport tickets license and registration pleace checkpoint usa usa homeland security threat level liberty police dogs alerts nh manchester airport concerns libertarian fourth amendent live free or die right to be secure searches and seizures unreasonableness news