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The Day Of LeBron's Return To Cleveland As Documented By Brandon Shue & Jeff MayIncludes Everything You Missed If You Didn't Attend The GameTwitter: @TheBShue & @TheJeffMayFEATURED ON WORLDSTARHIPHOP.COM(Over A Half Million Views) ON TEREZOWENS.COM All The Miami Heat "Fans" That Do Not Fall Into One Of These Categories:Bandwagon FansAnyone who claims they are a "fan" of the Miami Heat, even though they had no prior support for/interest in the team until they acquired James & Bosh. (Including those that jumped on after drafting Wade)Frontrunner FansPeople who only support the Heat because they are favorites to win the championship but claim they liked the team all along. Frontrunners may claim they have a relative or were born in the state where the winning team is from. Do not trust them at any cost.Dick Rider FansA dick rider is a person who is usually an overzealous mindless fan of either James, Wade or Bosh. A dick rider see's no flaw in whatever they are dick riding at the time, and if you happen to offer an opinion or simply not like whatever a dick rider likes, the dick rider will consider you a "hater" for offering your opinion.Now that 95% of you have stopped reading...I have been a Cleveland fan before, during and after LeBron James and that won't change. Whether we suck or are good I support Cleveland no matter what. Even though I dislike LeBron now I still recognize he is the best player in the NBA. And obviously he is gonna put up the most points on the court he's played on the last 7 years. Looks like he's more comfortable in Cleveland? I didn't go to the game expecting for Cleveland to win... Nor have I stated LeBron sucks or the Cavs are better. Also, please do not categorize me as one of the fans who poured beer on Heat fans or threw shit. I filmed what you couldn't see on TV. Also please stop with the "get over it"... If Wade promised Miami a championship and then left before winning one you guys would be just as disappointed. But then again, maybe you wouldn't act the same way considering your fan base consists mainly of the 3 terms listed above. You may have sold out your tickets, but that doesn't support your attendance record. Even after getting James and Bosh you still have a problem getting people to actually show up. I believe that Cleveland is at second in attendance this year WITHOUT LeBron and they aren't trailing the Heat. 3 Superstars, yet still can only produce a mediocre record... I believe the Cavs had a better record with LeBron at this point last year. That says a lot about the players around him... The Marlins made it to the world series and you couldn't even fill the seats. Pathetic... Not to mention your pour excuse for a football team that just lost to Clevelands backup QB. The fact that we have no championships but still such a huge fan base just shows we have the best fans in the nation. So if your offended by what you watched or just read, please continue to comment as you are just making this video more popular. Appreciate all the views! GO CLEVELAND!