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Dance Sequence from THE SEVEN REVENGES, reused here in HERCULES ~ PRISONER OF EVIL. There's NO DVD release of THE SEVEN REVENGES starring Ed Fury and Bella Cortez, which is one of the top PEP imho. It's definitely Ed's best role. But a couple of sequences from that film were reused in URSUS AND THE TERROR OF THE KIRGHIZ which was released this side of the Atlantic as HERCULES ~ PRISONER OF EVIL. URSUS AND THE TERROR OF THE KIRGHIZ has been released on a beautiful pristine transfer on DVD and this sequence is from that source. Got that? The day THE SEVEN REVENGES will be on DVD will be the day when my life will be complete. You can view action moments from THE SEVEN REVENGES by clicking the following link: Brief dance sequence with Bella from same film: ---------- PEPLUM TV, live broadcast of PEPLUM films Make sure to check out my PEPLUM blog. FACEBOOK: PEPLUM WEBSITE: TWITTER http .