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** Buy the album version of this Song on our Album "Always Here" @ ** Buy the ACTUAL live MP3 song track of this video at ** iTunes (this song coming soon) @ ** Digital Download direct from Here II Here @ ** Free Here II Here MP3 Download @ ** Official Website ** Facebook http ** Twitter (vocalist, songwriter) - ** Twitter (band manager) - WINGS ©1999, INNER VOICE / HERE II HERE I don't ever need to worry anymore I know that you're okay Like a child playing next to the seashore Running with the waves Enjoy yourself in Paradise Learn all you could learn Share the love that's in your eyes And know I'm not concerned Because ... CHORUS Every time you leave my arms You take my wings with you You could never be too far They'll always follow you You leave my arms and take my Wings with you Look up at the sun and there you'll see my face Shining down on you You can feel my kiss with every drop of rain My breath caresses you Clouds are bound to come your way The earth will sometimes SHAKE But your heart will stay the same And guide you on your way Because ... (CHORUS) BRIDGE Te llevas mis Alas con tigo cuando de mis manos .. te vaz (CHORUS)