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In which every object has a story. Twitter: Tumblr: 1. ONE (1) London to Orlando boarding pass. Summer began by flying to LeakyCon. 2. a. ONE (1) Oyster card to facilitate travel around London. b. ONE (1) Sopio starter pack. 3. ONE (1) photograph of me and my father, spending time on the beach. I am one year old. 4. ONE (1) photograph of me and my father, on someone's birthday. I am two or three. 5. ONE (1) photograph taken by or featuring my father, flying a kite, many moons ago. 6. a. ONE (1) panda ring to confirm my membership in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pandas. b. ONE (1) big red bus earring. 7. ALMOST ONE ( ... 1) Harry Potter Lego figure, missing a leg from a traumatic accident. 8. ONE (1) copy of Buscando A Alaska (Looking for Alaska by John Green) with my favourite cover, given to me very kindly by Moka at LeakyCon. 9. ONE (1) fake pink flower, attached to the present a sister gave me for my birthday. 10. ONE (1) Harry Potter money tin saving for California 2012. 11. ONE (1) snowglobe given to me by my parents when I was younger. 12. ONE (1) copy of Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, purchased in Orlando, devoured in San Diego. 13. ONE (1) sizeable stack of birthday cards. 14. ONE (1) strong woman on the front of my sister's birthday card. 15. EIGHT (8) Moleskine City Notebooks, documenting my attempts to take over the world. 16. ONE (1) copy of Ellen Hardcastle, Hank Green's album released this summer. 17 ...