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Sound Healing with Stellar Luna on TruthBrigade Radio Part 2 here: Stellar is a High Priestess of Isis and a Master Healer Musician. Her voice and energies are poured into her music and teachings as an alchemical blend of light, sound, open heart, ancient spirit and soul to raise consciousness in and heal the hearts of all who hear her music. Her debut release, "Gateways to the Beloved" has been described as a "Sacred Masterpiece" mixing ancient timeless mantras in the Language of Light, Ancient Egyptian, Aramaic and Sanskrit, with modern production technology and ancient instrumentation. She also teaches workshops all over the world using the power of sound to activate and transform as well as her extensive knowledge on ancient teachings and wisdom from all traditions. She has led groups to Egypt to experience the other worldly energies of transformation and awakening, singing at famous temples such as Denderah, Philae and more recently The Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. She believes it is a crucial time to empty the emotional body of all needs, wants and desires and memory so that the "Kingdom of Heaven" can be experienced in the physical realm as well as to fully embody the Soul. Her combination of skills, knowledge, experience and dedication to the Divine in all beings, makes her a powerful healer and a deeply loving and compassionate teacher and embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Stellar Luna's website and music here: www ...