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** Buy this Song on our Album "Always Here" @ ** iTunes (this song coming soon) @ ** Digital Download direct from Here II Here @ ** Free Here II Here MP3 Download @ ** Official Website ** Facebook http ** Twitter (vocalist, songwriter) - ** Twitter (band manager) - LYRICS - THAT'S ALL ©2011, Here II Here (verse 1) I can see our paths are turning different ways Even though we're headed for the same place Something in your kiss is missing don't know why Well I don't need to know I think this is goodbye I have to admit that I'm still holding on And my hands of flesh are also hands of light Your laugh will always be my favorite song I'll hear it in the wind while making love tonight (chorus) No matter what you do You're always gonna love me No matter what you say Your words are gonna help me No matter where you go We'll always be together Separation does not exist All is One and that's all there is (verse 2) There are no hard feelings I'm a little scared And on an open road that leads to nowhere This is all so silly yet so natural What we're going thru will only help us grow I used to think that I would fall apart That without you here I'd be lost in the dark You were just reflecting that which shines in me I watched you drive away this is what's meant to be (chorus repeat) (bridge) To some degree you I'll miss The truth is I can't seem to find an ...