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Go inside my Fish Aquarium! Join Jolene Sugarbaker as she takes a dip inside her Home Aquarium! Take a look at The Trailer Park Fish up close and Underwater! Don't forget to hold your breath, we're going underwater for this one! Get ready to loose five minutes and a feeling of "I can't believe I watched the whole thing"! Jolene has always wondered what it would be like inside a Fish Aquarium! Jolene has had Aquariums since a child, now inside her Trailer she plunges you into an underwater world. Find out what it sounds like in an Aquarium! Things you may see : Amblyopsidae Fish : Also known as a Cave Fish! It has no eyes! Betta Fish : Many an ornament on a work place desk... they're much prettier in a tank, but you can have only one! Red Wag Platy Fish : This is the first time that Jolene's Platy Fish have had babies, can you spot one? Guppies : Look for the Guppie Babies! Black Mollies : Dark and Mysterious fish, but very inquisitive Lemon Tetras : Glowing Red Eye Yellow Schooling Fish Neon Tetra : Looks really cool in an aquarium with black gravel and great lighting... red blue and silver Black Mystery Snails : Big Black Snails that keep the Aquarium clean Albino Cory : A small bulbous head white catfish like creature with bright red eyes Questions for you! : What did you spot? What's your favorite type of fish? Do you have an aquarium now? Or have ever had one? More Cooking Shows Soon! So Subscribe! Leave a comment and share! Keep the comments Classy! Be Nice To Others ...