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or http Mix of Allied and German footage. Sunday, Aug. 1, 1943. The Liberators started their long flight from airfields in Northern Africa. The low-altitude (to avoid German advanced Radar equipped line of defense) bombing of the Ploesti Oil Fields (Romania) was deemed a success, even though 54 of the 177 bombers that took part were lost, and 53 more were heavily damaged. The refineries output was greatly curtailed, and five Medals of Honor were awarded, the most for any single American military action. We received the following email regarding this footage from Mr. G. Rossiers from the US: "I've seen the video (*) on YouTube and I'm quite sure the inflight pictures were shot by an almost unknown USAF cameraman named Jerry Joswick. When I was young (I was 9, and now I'm 51 lol) I read a book written by him in wich he describes this raid, and precisely the images he shot while pointing his camera through the bomb trap he was surprised and terrified seeing the Liberator flying under the one he was on board having a wing cut right at the fuselage junction and then fall like a brick... Jerry Joswick manages to be lucky, because he was in for the Ploiesti raid, but he also was in for Schweinfurt... And then to land with the second attack wave on June 6, 1944 at Omaha beach. For Omaha beach, as far as I record, he wrote "from far we were thinking that what we were seing above the waves in the distance was tree trunks that the Germans would have dropped in the ...