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This just seems like a song that's impressive to sightread a B on. Sadly chances are I'll A rank this in about a month or so. It's a 50* Oni rofl Anyways, I just realized that charting FoF maps and crap probably is and definitely was fun, but that's not important, I HAVE LIKE 5 MAPS I FINISHED BUT NEVER UPLOADED ANYTHING OF. AND I PROBABLY WON'T. Ok not really, I might (oh god might means never will) upload stuff related to GH and crap later on, but hey who ever plays that game anymore am I right? You can download this game here: --------------------------- Check out my other channel if you haven't already, it's basically just everything that isn't rhythm games. Subscribe now, I am going to upload an album of vocal covers. Yeah: . There's this cool kid named Chuck Norris who got me that Mario Paper game which I will die. JUST THAT. SERIOUSLY. I STOLE HIS MONEY. I EVEN HAVE A HEADSET, I WILL DO THIS THING SOME DAY MAN: GOD, SERIOUSLY, I WILL ---------------------------------------- Song: "to luv me I *** for u" Artist: t+pazolite Difficulty: Taikosaki Game: osu! Taiko Mapper: Shiirn (OnosakiHito) Editing Software: Vegas 8 Recording Software: FRAPS Intro Song: Something Luv Lab 22ate... Intro Song Artist: t+pazolite I WAS GONNA SAY SOMETHING CLEVER BUT DIED --------------------------- SUBSCRIBE TO THE WHOLE TEAM!