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Ok. First thing, turn on the "full screen" option. You will not find here the fancy video with the almost concrete flying discs bouncing around your screen. Maybe someone smarter and better equipped than me will offer you the Hollywood special effects you need. I'm just trying to say that I have located a spot where seem to repeat very often some abnormal UFO activity. I made some pictures (tried like hell to use my camcorder but given I hadn't recharged it since last summer it didn't answer, so I ended up with few photographs). Also I made a close up to one of the objects flying over Tirana in the night of July 30, 2011 between 23:25 and 23:45 PM.One year ago, in the august of 2010, many citizens of Tirana saw another demonstration of such objects originating from the same area (northeast of the city). Watch here another TV report on the sighting:, check out here, another video uploaded by some guys celebrating New Year on the top of a building in Tirana, watching the same exact formation of three orange-reddish objects flying over the sky while the city is gone crazy with fireworks. Judging by their itinerary and the location of other buildings of the city (which I can say I know very well) the objects seem to come from the northeast direction. Watch their video:, is it there in the northeast Tirana a base of alien flying objects? Has anyone of you guys gone down there to the area to check out what's going on there?