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Lyrics:Rap music the do wat u want to songsabout comin from nothing to makin salesAbout how u never got checks in the mailSome rap stories are like a fairy taleSome are just gangsta deep to the coreSome rap sucks leaves you wantin morehard to make bank in overcrowded industryTake a pen to pad though anyone can flowUnderground still strong tired of lil wayneSo these ppl get on stage and do it for realSome will break their back to get a dealSome will gaurd their souls, never sell outthat's what this shit's all about thoughMakin millions of a 5o cent type flowIt's all good we need some diversity for sureLike; when gucci man's goin burr burrInside of my brain I guess it never occuredI've never rapped with hateful racial slurredYou can talk shit I'm knowin that u got no dirtI really don't care or feel any bit of hurtFor what it's worth I can flow all day longYea and after that I can rap a bunch a songsI'll be in my livin room hittin the bongBut I won't fuck around if I think it's wrong