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or To "put over" something (a wrestler, promotion, match, etc.) means to make it look good or otherwise encourage the fans to care about it. This can be done in the ring, during a promo, or through many other kinds of media. One of the most common ways a wrestler can be put over is winning a match. For instance, "at the next pay-per-view, Kane is putting Chris Jericho over" means that Jericho will beat Kane. It's also possible to put someone over by taking spectacular bumps or selling a move. After Kevin Nash (as Diesel) defeated Bob Backlund for the WWF title, Nash said that Backlund "couldn't have put me over any stronger" because Backlund crawled back up the entrance ramp to sell Nash's powerbomb. A wrestler or announcer could put something or someone over in an interview or promo simply by complimenting them. Putting Over - (verb) The act of one wrestler intentionally making another wrestler appear tougher, more skilled, and more impressive to the fans.