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Commercial TV networks are not structured to support innovative change to roll with the rapid changes in technology. Being advertiser-supported, to make a massive investment in infrastructural change means that they need to develop a business model that appeases the media buyers. The (obvious) problem is that what media buyers want and what the audience want are often entirely different. As a result, what we are seeing is commercial networks waiting for online options to reach enough of a critical mass before they’re willing to engage in any meaningful content distribution outside of the accepted broadcast TV model.

Time is running out for the networks with the emergence of new distribution services. From a consumer standpoint, is Netflix any less a valid way to watch TV than watching Channel 9? Of course not. The content may be different, but the user is still able to engage in the consumption of content in a way they enjoy and in a manner which is not entirely dissimilar to the way that they watch television now.

With Netflix rumoured to launch locally within the next 18 months, is there a point at which the networks are able to revolutionise their services enough to meet Netflix (and similar Connected TV services) at the point in which they can retain the bulk of the audience? Or are we looking at a subscription-driven future with services like Netflix and Foxtel driving most of the video consumption in Australia?

On this weeks show, the panel discuss:

Charlie Sheen to star in TV adaptation of Anger Management.Optus set to launch TV catch-up/cloud PVR service.Netflix to launch in Australia?“At Home With Julia”.Obituaries.TV Highlights.Love It or Hate It.

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