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***No copyright intended for entertainment only*** This video was made February 19, 2007. (One of my very early flims before I knew much) The audio was taken off by youtube long time ago. I added the song back and re-edited it. Hope you guys enjoy. The old one is still up incase you wanted to compare :P Story: They were a young couple when she came down with a illness. She passed at a young age. He never forgot about her. She visits him from time to time. Lately she has been coming around more then normal. On his 78th Birthday she comes to visit for the last time. She takes him back to a time when they were together. When he asks to go home now she tells him he can't. He gets up set and she shows him why he can't return. Scared, Sad, and happy all rush to him at once. Then he realizes they can finally be together again. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: BECOME A FAN: ASK ME QUESTIONS HERE: FACEBOOK: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND WRITE A COMMENT THANK YOU! ~Foxie