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Captain Amrinder has justified the Congress seeking support of Sauda Dera,Sirsa.He is also right in saying that Badal dal is doing the same as them just yesterday Gurdev Badal who is close associate of Prakash Badal and former MLA from Panjgrain(reserve seat) in Faridkot distt was with dera followers seeking their support.Not only this Prakash Badal's brother Gurdas Badal(Manpreet Badal's father) had openly declared after Manpreet's PPP was formed that they would seek dera votes.Gurdev Badal and Gurdas Badal are 2 different people.In the above interview Amrinder is condemning the 1984 anti Sikh genocide for vote sake but at the same time praising the whole anti Sikh Gandhi clan.Amrinder's proximty to people like head of the so called anti terrorist front leaders like Bitta(earlier) and Viresh Shandilya(now) and his praise for killers of thousands of Sikhs, former CM Beant Sin are already known.Further he says that no other party except Badal dal and Congress can come to power in Punjab.This shows his ego and also how elections are manipulated in Punjab in such a way that only those who show allegiance towards Delhi can come to power in Punjab.Amrinder and Prakash Badal are signatories to the "Amritsar Declaration on Khalistan" at Akal Takht in 1992 which was later handed over to UN secretary general Boutros Ghaali.At that time these Panthic gadaars could not even sqweak as the writ of the jhujhaaroos ran across Punjab.But as soon as many of the top jhujharoo leaders attained Shaheedi such people came out of their hiding places to fool the Sikhs and Punjabis.And they backed out of the promises made before the Akaal Takht.This further shows that their was a secret pact between Badal dal and Congress to get various jhuharoo leaders eliminated so that they could rule Punjab one by one.Both Badal dal and Congress used very derogatory language against Sant Bhindranwale during a debate on Punjab in Punjab assembly years back.All the fight between Prakash Badal and Amrinder is personal and just to fool people.Internally they and their parties are both different sides of the same coin as someone has rightly put :Dilli day Dallay