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iTunes Link: Please help us out by buying the album :) The Arka Teks on Facebook: BB and G-Wize on Facebook: BB and G-Wize on Youtube: TAT Twitter: Official Website: TEKnology Productions Website Lyrics Mister mystery Got them missin' me instantly They want me baby These lucky Ladies I play cards The asshole is a bad role But I'll take that part Hard to Get, ain't jus all of it Shit I'll break ya heart So tell me how u want it girl I'll be bad I'll make u hurt Hurt Or i can be Nice Cause I'll be nice I will put u first first And I'm so nice, be my wife Lets make babies, I'm a jerk I'll melt your heart, and leave you scarred I can make you burn I never seem to get laid being the guy that my momma raised And oh oh oh I get called an ass hole If I try to take her home So I'm gonna make A mix of the types And I will create a lady-killer tonight I'll take a little bit of good With a little bit of bad A little bit of smut With a little bit of class And let me introduce you To Mr. Jekyl Hyde Oh, I just want to hold her... Godammit, I got a BONER A part of me just wanna take and rip out her clothing But the other wants to buy her roses Should I be prick and call her bitch or.. Take her hand and say that I'll be her prince OR Be gentleman and front it until I'm in her Maybe she the type that wanna get Rick Roll'd So tell me how u want it girl I'll be bad I'll ...