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ZERO POINTS OF SEPARATION! - THE METHOD OF MANIFESTING 'MAGIC' AND 'MIRACLES' with Tobias Lars Part 2 on TruthBrigade Radio Part 1 here: - What if you could really Manifest things into your Life situation? - Why & How WE as souls are the 'Zero Point' of Energy Manifestation. - How is the Human Being (potentially) the 'center of the Universe'? - Are you tired enough yet of 'sweating and toiling' for your survival? - Why do Masters, Awake Humans operate in 'no hurry, no worry'? - How can you manifest daily 'little' miracles? (enjoyably and easily) - Can little messed up us actually learn (or deserve) to become manifesting mojo miracle making magnificent magic monsters? ( including Making Money if you so choose) Tobias Lars BS, MBA - Author of "Listening to The Sun" & "Awakening Souls". Personal Awakening Coach Creator of http 928 451 9068 Listen to all Tobias' archives here: Listen To The Archive Here: Date: Thursday, July 7, 2011