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The State is a group of people having a monopoly on force - violence.What do I mean by this? I mean that this group has a one-sidedability to use force or violence.For example, if some random person pointed a gun to yourhead and asked you for your money, and you resisted,people would agree that you were right in doing so.If a cop, a policeman, pointed a gun to your faceand asked you for your money, there would likelybe many, or at least some, people legitimazing the policeman's actions.How is this possible?People believe that this situation is legitimate.Why?Well that's easy:Social questions that distract from the theft that is occurring.What about the poor? Will they be fed?What about the roads? Who will build them?What about the children? Education? Schools? Socialization?Do I care nothing for people? Am I only interested in money?