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Yes Yes, I realize that I am over the top--and I didn't really do good! But, if you all could tell me how to fix it instead of just what I did wrong,that'd be great! :) Also, I just want to note that I wanted to sound like what I thought the characters'd sound like--I wasn't trying to copy their VA's (very much) -- and I made Yuffie ridiculous on purpose because that's how I see her! :) :) I redid this on a better microphone. I also added some new lines for Yuffie. Please be nice! I don't really know how to voice act!Aerith is my favorite, I think!Yuffie... o_OTifa...well, she's just hard for me!I am so sorry if your ears bleed!Also...about Aerith...she isn't echo-y like a lot of other fandubs seem to have her...because I don't know how to do that.... hehe...Anyway...enjoy! I hope your ears don't bleed!