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** Buy this Song on our Album "Always Here" @ ** Buy on iTunes @ ** Digital Download direct from Here II Here @ ** Free Here II Here MP3 Download @ ** Official Website ** Facebook http ** Twitter (vocalist, songwriter) - ** Twitter (band manager) - LYRICS - I Don't Know $#!T ©2005, Here II Here Everybody's walking 'round like their shhhhh don't stink Quietly whishing they're better, smarter, richer, stronger, prettier than you Claiming life and land and all the thoughts they think Yes you're the only one that's right in a whole Universe of fools But I'm a tell the Truth... Chorus I don't know shit, You don't know shit, They don't know shit We don't know shit He don't know shit She don't know shit Now ain't that some... I'm not talking 'bout like knowing how to bake a cake Or how to drive or read or write or even brain surgery ooh wee But the simplest of questions humanity's been asking like since Before, before, before, before we invented time Where did we come from? Why are we here? Who am I? Who am I? Chorus Bridge: (a play off the Here II Here song "Plankton" ... listen to that song at